September 19, 2018
Prieur Leary

More often than not, the term Information Technology (IT) is used to describe computers and computer networks, but it can also refer to other types of technology, as well, including telephone, audio and video systems and even security devices and systems. Primarily because Prieur Leary understands that cybersecurity is the greatest challenge faced by IT, he has been very diligent when it comes to that area of the information technology space.

Prieur Leary provides IT services to companies in the financial services industry, including some who implemented the most innovative and disruptive products in the industry. That is one reason his concern with cybersecurity and the implications of not taking it seriously enough is so high. Prieur has thus far enjoyed a long and very fruitful career in IT. In part because he is fluent in Spanish and also understands Portuguese, he also has a lot of experience and knowledge in the area of international business relations.